Impressionist Watercolours
‘Purveyor of exquisitely stained pieces of paper’

Originally from Yorkshire, I settled with my family in the Rhymney Valley South Wales 25 years ago.
Before turning to painting as a career I spent 19 years as a cartoon animator working on films and series for BBC, ITV, CH4 and S4C. I was part of the team that turned Prince Charles' story 'The Old Man of Lochnagar' into a half hour special. In 2009 I left the industry to follow my lifelong passion for watercolour painting. I'm a prolific artist and produce 800+ watercolours a year, I'm not afraid to tackle any subject and will paint anything that interests me. My simple and honest approach is for a faithful but distilled version of the scene in front of me done with (as much as possible) first time applications of paint. I use very few materials, two synthetic brushes size 12 and 4 plus a sable wash brush, Bockingford paper and just 5 colours. I also use white Gouache for highlights. I've sold work through high street and online galleries and have been selling on eBay since 2002 Past sales include..The Foreign Office, Lambeth Palace, British Embassy in Latvia, The Royal Ballet School & Greg Stevenson of BBC Four's 'A Pembrokeshire Farm.

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